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Over 65 Years of CO₂ flood Development and Facilities Design Experience

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Walt True
Chief Operating Officer

BS Petrol Eng -Texas A&M Univ
BA Business Baylor Univ.

Walt True has over 30 years of diversified oil and gas experience in the Gulf Coast and Texas. Prior to joining IEP, Walt was Director of Reservoir Technologies, Production Manager, and Reservoir Engineer Manager at Denbury Resources in Plano.  While at Denbury, he led an exploitation development program in the Barnett Shale and also served as Reservoir Engineering Manager for Denbury’s East Region. Walt was responsible for the planning and development of multiple CO₂ floods in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Studies included production forecasting and surveillance, capital budgets, and reserves. Walt served as Production Manager and was responsible for operating 12 separate CO₂ floods in the Gulf Coast and the Rockies. He was in charge of operations and an engineering staff of 300 individuals.  As Director of the Reservoir Technology Group, Walt coordinated Denbury’s corporate reserves with DeGolyer and MacNaughton and led a technical staff of 30 Reservoir Engineers, Geologists, Simulation, and Geophysical experts. 

 Prior to joining Denbury in 2006, Walt worked as a Production and Reservoir Engineer for twelve years for Texaco E&P in Midland, Texas. His responsibilities included economic evaluations for all existing and prospective properties, their production forecast, reserves, and capital budgets.

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