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Over 65 Years of CO₂ flood Development and Facilities Design Experience

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Saleem Ghori, PhD
Chief Petroleum Engineer

Post Doc   Petrol Eng-Univ of Texas
Ph.D.         Petrol Eng-NM Inst Min Tech
MS             Petrol Eng NM Inst Min Tech

Saleem Ghori is the Chief Petroleum Engineer at IEP and has over 30 years of diversified domestic and international experience. Prior to joining IEP,  Saleem worked at ExxonMobil on several world-class projects with the Reservoir Technology Team.


He designed and made recommendations on CO₂ flood projects and worked in a gas field performing production facility maintenance, well testing, and gas distribution studies. Major projects include waterflood optimization of two giant fields, geostatistical characterization of rocks, improving well injectivities, evaluating the miscibility of CO₂, and enriched gas injection.  Saleem was also the technical lead for the CO₂ pilot design and implementation for the largest field in Abu Dhabi. While at ExxonMobil, he also worked on North Sea fields in Norway and The Cepu field in Indonesia.  In Norway, he used state-of-the-art material balance to model the connectivity of the hydrocarbon aquifer. Saleem has had the privilege of working around the world. In the UAE, Saleem developed a numerical simulator to model injectivities and other field properties for an offshore project.


On a separate project, he developed the hydrocarbon gas stream that was substituted with nitrogen in a gas condensate reservoir for use in domestic power generation in the UAE. Saleem was also the technical lead for a CO₂ injection project and joined a research institute in Saudi Arabia where he did large projects for Saudi Aramco. Prior to going to Saudi Aramco, Saleem worked as a project manager for Advanced Resources International.  He started his career as a Research Associate at the University of Texas at Austin where he built a numerical CO₂ simulator.

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