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Over 65 Years of CO₂ flood Development and Facilities Design Experience

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Earl Berkheimer
Director Well Completion Technologies

BS Petrol Eng- NM Inst Min Tech

Earl Berkheimer has over 30 years of diversified experience in the oil and gas industry as a completions well expert. Prior to joining IEP, Earl headed Emerald NRG, an engineering and project management firm since 2005. While at Emerald, Earl worked with multiple operators in different shale basins on innovative unconventional completion designs. In addition, Earl has drilled wells in various countries around the world, including the Middle East, Asia, India, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, and the Former Soviet Union.  Earl worked with Baker Hughes to help develop the horizontal drilling interest. Earl used his engineering background to apply BOT technology to the horizontal completion market in the Middle East. One of the prime technologies brought to market was Ultra Short Drilling. Shell had this earmarked as a priority for new technology growth and we were able to bring them the number one provider of this technology. The company flourished and continues to provide equipment and services to this day.


In 2000, Ultra Short Radius drilling technology was developed. The following five years were spent working on the implementation process with Shell. Earl holds a patent that was conceived when he was at Shell. The patent is used in a tool that solves the problem of re-entry into multi-lateral horizontal wells.  In 2005 Earl started Emerald NRG, which is an engineering and project management company that specializes in the drilling and completion of horizontal wells. Emerald has worked closely with a number of operators and managed the drilling and completion of over 200+ horizontal wells in almost every shale basin. Earl started his career in 1986 as a field engineer for BJ Services. Earl worked on the very 1st horizontal well in NM with a bit designed by William Lyons Ph.D.

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